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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I schedule?

How long does an inspection take?  For most single-family homes, 2-3 hours is adequate.  Each home is different and unique and could take longer.

Should I attend the inspection?  With COVID-19, we ask that you not attend if at all possible.  An inspection is much more than just identifying issues, but a great review of each home and how to maintain it.  We share our findings through the report, and can easily follow up with a phone call.

What is covered in the inspection?  The short answer is:  everything we can get into.  Plumbing, electrical, exterior, roof, foundation, walls, ceilings, furnaces, and all appliances.  If an attic or crawlspace is sealed, we won't be able to inspect them.  

Will I receive a report?  Absolutely.  Within 48 hours of the inspection (often sooner) you will receive a detailed report via e-mail.  The report will focus on areas of concern, but will also include basic information about that particular home (building materials, furnace brand, etc.).  The report is your property so you can share it with anyone you'd like (your realtor, family, etc.).  We need your permission to send the report to anyone.  If you pass on the house, we may not share with the selling agent or other prospective buyers.

Are your inspectors licensed?  Maine does not require a home inspection license.  We have both become national certified through the National Association of Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) as we hear this question a lot.

How long have you been in business?  Square One Home Inspections, LLC was created in 2019 by both Matt and Matt, but started in 2014 as MBE Home Inspections.  We've inspected over 3,000 Maine homes and continue to grow substantially each year.

Why two inspectors?  One word...flexibility.  Maine is a large state and having two inspectors allows us to cover more ground.  Its common for one to be in York county and the other to be in Waldo county. (literally hours apart).  It also allows us to work together on larger properties or commercial buildings, reducing the time on site without sacrificing our attention to detail.

Do you inspect roofs?  Yes.  We prefer to walk each roof but New England weather and some roof pitches don't allow it.  In that case, we use a drone to look at the roof coverings, chimneys, roof penetrations and venting.

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