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Water Testing

Water Testing

Getting your water tested is an easy and inexpensive way to help protect your family's health.

Square One tests for:


  • Coliform and E.coli bacteria, indicating the presence of potentially harmful microorganisms in the water.  Each test not only tells you yes/no, but the quantity of bacteria found.

  • Ions from minerals such as sodium, chloride, sulfate, iron, and manganese, which ​can affect odor, taste, or cause adverse health risks.


  • Lead, Arsenic, and Uranium, as all are toxic to drink and regularly found in Maine wells.  Any water test should always include testing for those three elements.

  • Nitrates/Nitrites which can be particularly dangerous for babies under six months since nitrate interferes with the ability of blood to carry oxygen.

  • Fluoride, an essential micro-nutrient, but excessive amounts can cause dental problems.

  • Rado​n, a radioactive element that can also be present in water and increase your Radon In Air levels.

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