Radon Testing

Radon is a gas formed by the breakdown of uranium and radium, both of which are found in high levels in Maine.

Every home is susceptible to radon, even new construction and homes on a slab.

There are a large number of homes in Maine with high radon levels. We’ve found that about one out of three houses has high levels of radon.

Radon is unpredictable. Two houses built right next to each other, at the same time, with the same construction methods, may have very different radon levels.

Testing for radon during the home inspection window is very common.  Unsafe levels of radon is often found.  These levels may change over time and we recommended testing every two years.  

Every Maine county has high levels and a test is required to determine if levels are high for your specific home.  If concentrations are too high in your home, your health is at risk.  Due to an obvious conflict of interest, we don't mitigate if high levels are detected.  We only test.  


Let us help you professionally test for Radon in your home using our Continuous Radon Monitors (CRMs) so you can have the peace of mind to know you are safe from radiation.

A CRM is an electronic testing machine that eliminates the potential for human error.  CRMs take an electronic, hourly reading and provide results immediately.  No lab time is needed.  Our fleet of Sun Nuclear 1027 CRMs are calibrated annually by Sun Nuclear, as required by the State of Maine.  Maine Radon testers must be licensed.  Find our license here.


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