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Home Inspections and Conflict of Interest:

As home inspectors, we find all that needs repair or reinstallation in each home. No home is perfect and our job is to point out any and all defects to help you make a better decision. Some buyers walk away from a home that has minor defects and others continue buying, knowing the home has significant challenges. To each their own.

What we will tell you:

  • What the defect is

  • Where in the home the defect was found

  • Why it is a defect (safety risk, cosmetic issue. etc.)

  • The severity of a defect (Maintenance Item, Concern, or Major Hazard)

  • Which professional (plumber, electrician, roofer, handyman, etc.) to contact for repair

We share all of this information on-site (verbally) and in the report when sent shortly after the inspection. We want you to have a record of all that is discovered, with pictures, as in-person communication tends to get lost during an inspection. The process can be overwhelming with agents, relatives, tenants, sellers, and inspectors, all crammed into a 2 hour window. It's a bit much.

What we won't tell you:

  • Who to call: We will never tell you to call Joe's Plumbing or Steve's Electrical because we don't want to have or give the impression of a conflict of interest. If I own Steve's Electrical and I find an electrical issue in the home, directing you to use my service doesn't seem right. We feel it's a conflict of interest.

  • How much it will cost: We don't do repairs so how could we know the cost of materials, labor, or the demand for specific services at any point in time? Sure, we can tell you a roof will costs thousands, but we'll recommend an estimate from qualified roofer prior to making your decision. How mad would you be if our "estimate" was $5,000 less than it would actually cost? Pretty mad. I would be.

  • If you should or should not buy the house: That is a very personal decision with so many factors that we have no role in. Affordability, personal preferences on commutes, family, schools, etc. Some people want "turn-key" and some want a fixer-upper. Who are we to judge?

Our job is to be impartial. We are not trying to sell you on the house, but want you to know what you're getting into. We don't care who does the work you choose to have done, as long as that person is licensed and allowed to do the work. Electricians & plumbers need a license in Maine, for example.

Knowing our role in your real estate transaction has led to our success over the past several years and has earned the trust of our clients and their agents. We are happy to help in any way we can, but we insist on doing so ethically.

Thanks for reading,

Matt and Matt

Square One Home Inspections, LLC

Serving Maine since 2014.

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