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Is a Home Inspection Required in Maine?

A home inspection is not required, but hiring a good inspector from a qualified inspection company can save you from making a poor financial decision.

What is a Home Inspection?

A home inspection is a visual inspection of the entire home. An inspection is ordered by the buyer in a real estate transaction and the buyer should plan to attend, if at all possible. The seller has no role but to vacate the property during the inspection and make their home "inspection-ready." They should remove clutter, make appliances available by removing personal items, and opening up any and all areas of the home. Attic, basement, garage, and all major systems are inspected. A visual inspection means they won't be opening furnace covers, gaining access to sealed areas, or damaging property to investigate.

Home Inspection Certification

Most inspectors belong to either the American Society of Home Inspectors or the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors. Maine doesn't require a license so belonging to an association is a sign that inspector may be reasonably knowledgeable. Membership requirements are very light, so "certified" isn't really saying much.

Choosing a Home Inspector

Choosing a home inspector requires a mix of research and trust.

  • Trust your real estate agent's recommendations, yet do your research (Google reviews, Facebook reviews, etc.)

  • Read all reviews to confirm the inspector is helpful, informative, and educated.

  • Talk to neighbors, friends, co-workers, and family who recently purchased a home

  • Ask for a sample inspection report. Too technical doesn't help anyone, but too basic may mean they lack experience. The report should be detailed and informative.

  • Find an inspector who can also test for radon, water quality at the same time.

A good home inspector leaves their emotions at the door. They aren't buying the home. You are. Their primary goal is to help educate you to make a better decision. They should never tell you to walk away, or tell you the home is perfect. A perfect home is like Bigfoot; people think they've seen it, but nobody ever has. An imperfect home is acceptable, as long as you are fine with imperfections.

The inspectors aren't there to impress you. They are there to help you.

Square One Home Inspections began in 2019, but the inspectors have been inspecting since 2014. They've inspected thousands of Maine home and have earned over 350 five-star Google, Facebook, and Home Advisor reviews. Find us at

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