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Post-Purchase Home Inspection

Becoming increasingly common, this is a very important step of home ownership.

More than any other year, we're taking calls from recent home buyers looking to inspect their new purchase. For some reason, some are expressing shame and/or remorse for not having an inspection before their purchase. In this market, many haven't had a choice. Much of a home inspection is about education, not just a negotiation tool or bit of insurance. We're happy to help you understand your home before it can become a problem.

This is a judgment-free zone. We are in a service industry. This is an important combo.

Most of all, we're Mainers ourselves. If you're also a Mainer, great. We'll talk the same language. If new to Maine, we build things a bit different here, use heating oil in many homes (uncommon in other areas of the country), and prepare for winter in unique ways, among other things.

There are the most common reasons for a post-purchase home inspection:

Primary Systems: An expert walk-through to learn about key systems

  • Boiler/Furnace for heating

  • Water heater - age, condition, operation

  • Major Appliances - kitchen, generator hookups, pools

  • Fuel types, maintenance schedules, life expectancies, etc

Safety &Heath: What are the risks within the home?

  • Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Alarms

  • Chimneys and Vents

  • Deck Supports

  • Electric Wiring

  • Radon Testing

  • Water Quality Testing

  • Mold

Natural Enemies: We all need to deal with these things

  • Water Intrusion (basement, roof, door/windows, landscape, etc)

  • Insect Damage

  • Age

General Questions: We hear all kinds of questions. No stupid questions...ever.

  • Identifying components

  • Fuel fill locations

  • Circuit breaker re-sets

  • Life expectancies

If you have any questions or what more detail, we welcome your call. Feel free to call our office (Terrance or Dee are fantastic!) or one of the two Matts, below.

Thanks for reading,

Matt & Matt

Square One Home Inspections


207-841-7699 (Matt L)

207-837-1600 (Matt T)

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