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Safely Testing For Radon During This Pandemic

How can we test for radon and respect social distancing guidelines?

We are still testing for radon in air and have been since throughout this pandemic. We use electronic monitors that are battery powered, send you an electronic invoice, and email you results when we are done. Technically, we won't even know what you look like, so certainly won't be within 6' of each other.

Here are our steps:

- Call our office (207) 560-3222 or my cell (207) 841-7699 to make an appointment.

- At the appointed time, have your bulkhead or basement access door propped open for us.

- We walk in (wearing booties, masks, and gloves) holding our electronic monitor on a step stool (both wiped down prior to entering home)

- We set the monitor in the correct area of the basement and turn it on (battery powered, so no plugs are needed, etc)

- We walk out, touching nothing

- You close your door and go back to your day

- We send you an invoice to the provided e-mail address

- 48 hour later (or more), we repeat the process in reverse

- We read the monitor and send you hourly results as well as a formal pdf with the average reading from a licensed Maine radon lab (that's us...)

That's it. You know if your home is operating at safe radon levels while keeping your family safe during this time.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to one of the above numbers, text me, or email me at Happy to answer any radon questions you may have (or mold, water, or home inspections as well).

Thanks and stay safe,

Matt & Matt

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