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Spring Has Sprung

The first three weeks of May are right on-track with the number of inspections we completed in 2021 and 2022. Contrary to expectations in this low-inventory and highly competitive housing market, our Home Inspection volume hasn't dropped off. However, we have seen a rise in Showing Consultations where we walk through a home during a buyer's scheduled showing (usually just a 30 minute window) and do a restricted and abbreviated inspection. Showing Consultations are extremely valuable to buyers who don't have an opportunity for a Home Inspection but want to mitigate some risk. These were widely popular in 2021.

The differences between a Home Inspection and a Showing Consult:

  • Reporting: There is no report as all of our limited time is spent quickly walking through the home looking at key systems and common failing points. We share the condition of the home and any findings with the buyer as we walk.

  • Electrical: We can't open the electrical panel as we do with a typical inspection, but test many receptacles to confirm grounding and inspect for visible electrical hazards.

  • Plumbing: We look for signs of leaks below each sink and use high-intensity flashlights to search for leaks below bathrooms that would damage ceilings. A visual inspection of high-risk plumbing materials (cast iron, lead supply lines) also occurs.

  • Heating Systems: Not only a visual inspection of the system, but we can often quickly de-code the age of the system and review service records to offer guidance on expected remaining life. We can also offer a quick review of fuel tanks and inspect for common issues (leaks, oil leaks, proper venting, CO alarms, etc.)

  • Roofing: As we've inspected thousands of roofs over the past ten years, we have a great idea of what to look for and where to look for it. We can't fly the drone or get on a ladder, but can see much of the roof from the ground and confirm no active leaks in the top floor ceiling.

  • Exterior and Windows: knowing what to look for (rot, pest damage, and water intrusion) helps us guide you to what the home may need in the future.

A Showing Consult is not a replacement of a Home Inspection, but offers expert guidance to help secure the home without taking on unnecessary risk. A complete Home Inspection is highly recommended, even if after you close on the property. A Home Inspection isn't just a negotiation tool but a way for a new home owner to understand how their new home functions and what is needed to keep their investment healthy and efficient.

We can typically be on-site for a Home Inspection within 2-3 days of a request, sometimes sooner. Even if you have a brief contingency period, we can usually help and offer a Home Inspection with report before your period ends. When in doubt, give us a call when you're ready to submit your offer and we'll walk you through our availability.

Good luck out there!


Matt and Matt

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