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Still Not A Buyer's Market, but Closer...

With the interest rate changes, we're seeing an uptick in home inspections as the extreme sellers market returns towards normal. We say towards because we're not at pre-Covid or early-Covid levels and shouldn't expect to be anytime soon.

In many Maine communities (even parts of Cumberland and York counties - Wells Beach is pictured), fewer buying offers are being submitted for each home and offers are at more reasonable levels. In addition, supply is slowly increasing. As an active buyer, this means you have more leverage to require a home inspection (and radon and water tests) in your offer to help protect you and your investment.

As a two-inspector firm, we can almost always find time within three business days to inspect your house. Acting aggressively to purchase your next home is always appropriate, but doesn't have to mean you have to compromise, just the perception that you are.

For example, two years ago it was common to request a 10 day inspection period. You can compromise to a 5 day window (business days, so really seven days, possibly more with a holiday). In that 5 business day window, Square One Inspections can inspect your house, turn-around the report, retrieve the radon monitor (with results) and still have time for the water lab to complete their testing.

Put that stress on us. That's what we're here for. We can set the radon test prior to the inspection (sometimes the day you call) and collect a water sample at the same time. When we meet for the inspection, we collect the radon test (and have results at that time). You'll be done with time to spare.

One of my favorite quotes: "Opportunity is missed by most because it looks like work." An opportunity to satisfy your inspection requirements in-time is a win for us. This is what we do and what has made us successful. We're happy to help.

We look forward to answering any questions you may have

Matt & Matt (online booking)

207-560-3222 (office)

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