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Showing Consult

A Showing Consult is when an inspector joins the buyers and/or buyer's agent during a scheduled showing.  Using their trained eye, the inspector can help the buyers understand the condition of several key systems (roof, furnace, plumbing, electrical, etc.).  This service is for buyers who don't have the luxury of a complete home inspection before purchase due to market pressures.  Nothing can replace a detailed home inspection, but this will help buyers make an educated offer.


A complete inspection, typically after closing, is recommended to fully understand the home and the condition of its systems.

Having tag-a-longs at showings is nothing new.  Having a home inspector as that tag-a-long will make all the difference.

How is this different from a home inspection?

  • Verbal only - no reporting

  • Attendance is required - Buyer and/or buyer's agent is required to be with the inspector during the showing

  • Limitations - the inspector is unable to remove panel covers or gain access to sealed areas (electrical panel, attic, etc.)

  • Timing - limited to the time of the showing, far less than a typical home inspection

  • Payments - must be made prior to appointment time.

How to book a Showing Consult:

  • Call/Text Matt L:  207-841-7699

  • Call/Text Matt T:  207-837-1600

  • Booking with us, directly, will allow the greatest flexibility

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