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Home Wellness Checks

For those who travel, or split time between Maine and a warmer climate, how do you know your home is safe while you are away?

Based in Brunswick, we often see seasonal homes and cottages that require regular maintenance, the appearance of being lived in, and regular inspections to confirm the home is safe from a challenging Maine winter.  Trees fall, oceans rise, snow accumulates, and sometimes, we run out of heating fuel. 

We are fully-insured Certified Home Inspectors, serving Maine since 2014.


We offer two Home Wellness Check options:


Exterior Only:

  • Confirm all doors and windows are closed and locked

  • Remove/store any newspapers, notices, and fuel receipts that have accumulated 

  • Shovel out the main entrance to give the impression of being lived in

  • Review of the exterior: looking for tree, pest, and weather damage

  • Detailed e-mail with findings, including photos

Interior and Exterior: Same as above, plus the following:

  • Measure interior temperature of home

  • Check and report on all fuel levels (oil, propane, & kerosene)

  • Visual inspection of exterior walls and ceilings, looking for moisture intrusion

  • Basement/foundation inspection (sump pump, moisture intrusion, pests, etc.)

  • Detailed e-mail with findings, including photos.

Special Requests:

  • Winterization: drain all pipes, antifreeze where needed and shut down electricity.

  • Openings: Reverse the winterization process when returning to Maine

  • Full Property Management services, if needed

Call or text:  (207) 841-7699 or Chat (below right on this page)

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