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Home Inspection vs. Showing Consult

Updated: May 1, 2022

A Home Inspection is a detailed and documented inspection of a home that is part of a real estate transaction. The home inspection is used by buyers for general information, as a "to-do" list for the new owners, and as a negotiation tool.

A Showing Consult is an abbreviated and limited inspection of a home during a 15-30 minute scheduled showing of a prospective home. The buyer or the buyer's real estate agent is required to be present as the inspector does not have time to take photos or document for a report. This is 100% verbal.

In today's market with multiple offers (sometimes dozens), many buyers don't feel that an offer would be accepted if it had an inspection contingency. Understandable, buy also extremely dangerous. This is where the Showing Consult comes in. The Showing Consult creates protection for the buyer within the brief showing window.

Not only does a Showing Consult allow piece of mind for everyone involved, it helps with the offering process. The buyer will now have details on any systems that may need repair, or simply realize that additional investment may not necessary as initially thought. Knowledge is power.

Its one thing to spend more than you planned because you see value after professional advice. Its another to spend more without an inspection or consult, hoping everything is fine.

Hope is never a strategy.

To book your Maine Showing Consult, call either of us directly.

Matt L: 207-841-7699

Matt T: 207-837-1600

Read more about Showing Consults by clicking here.

Thanks for reading,

Matt & Matt

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